Thursday, 31 May 2012


Today I decided to treat myself with some hobbycrafting. Rainy Days Joy’s projects have kept me so busy, that I haven’t had any time to just do whatever comes to my mind. Today I just took the time.

I wanted to do something with the yarns I recently bought from a sale. I had some basic knitting yarn, jute yarn and white bamboo yarn from one of RDJ’s recent projects. So that’s where it all began… The idea for this project came from a picture of a spectacular styrofoam ball wreath I recently saw.

But let’s start from the outcome. Tadaaa! (can I hear you clapping? Yes I can, great! *clap clap clap*)

What you need: Styrofoam balls, yarn, couple small pins, glue (I use really good graft glue which dries in one minute).

Add a drop of glue to the top of the ball and secure the attachment of the yarn to the ball with a small pin.

Then add more glue to the ball and start rolling the yarn around.

When you add the glue, add just one centimetre downwards at the time, otherwise the glue will dry before you get there with your yarn (look the “pink glue area” from the pic).

It might make sense to use hot a glue gun, and I actually have one, but I’m so lousy with it that I rather choose normal craft glue.  I’m such an idiot with all hot things – I've even tried with my bare hand wether the stove is hot or not.  Several times. Once I had this brilliant idea of ironing my skirt when I had it on. I still have that  “stupidity mark” in my leg, shaped like the bottom of the iron... So just normal glue for me thank you.
But now back to the ball: continue rolling the yarn.
By the way, I found that the first half of the ball is much easier to roll than the second half, so be patient in the end. And it might get a bit messy with the glue (It did for me, but I’m a bit messy person) sticking to your fingers, so be prepared and cover the table before you start.

When you get to the end, cut the yarn and secure the attachment with a small pin and a fresh drop of glue.

Well done!

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