Monday, 11 June 2012

RECYCLED CRAFTING - Beautiful Bottle!

I just love recycled crafts, and if I could, that’s what I would do all day long, every day… until I would run out of cans and glass bottles, and I’d have to start consuming them to get some new things to create :-D.

But here’s a tutorial how to make something like this:

You need: empty and washed tin can/bottle/glass/glass jar, yarn, felt to make the flower decorations (check the tutorial from the last entry), black cardboard, printed words/quotation, ribbon, glue, scissors.

If your reuse product is a tin can, first make sure the sharp edge inside will not harm anyone. I use pliers to flatten the sharp edge. 

Coat the tin can or bottle with yarn. Start by attaching the yarn to the tin can/bottle with glue. Then start rolling the yarn.

Continue rolling. After the first round you don’t have to add glue (except to the end)

If you want to make your bottle or can out of two colours, just tie 2 different yarns together, cut the first one and continue to roll with the second yarn.
When you get to the end, glue the last round of yarn to the can / bottle.

Then decorate the can/bottle.
- Glue on some felt flowers. (check the tutorial how to make them from the previous blogpost)
- Make a label: Print the word(s) you want (for example “PENS” or “TOOTHBRUSH”) Then glue it/them to the slightly bigger piece of black cardboard so the word(s) get a nice black thin “frame”. To hang the label, make two holes to sides and thread the ribbon
- or make a quotation: Print and cut out the quotation word by word, then glue the words to the black cardboard and glue them to the face of the can/bottle.


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