Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Recycle your old glass jars - with DECALS!

As said before, I love recycling and a while ago I was looking for an idea what to do with my old glass jars. There's a small hoarder living inside of me (or a big, if you ask my husband), so it's really hard for me to anything away, which I can reuse later on.... Then one day, one of my friends, Miia, came for a coffee and gave a wonderful idea what you can do with glass jars and decals. So before long, I had made these:

Last weekend's craft market I tested this idea commercially, and people were really exited about this! I sold quite a many small Coin/Salt/Sugar/Flour/Coffee/Tea decals. I will soon update all of them to my webshop www.rainydaysjoy.com.au , so please do pop by and order yours. This is such a great idea to recycle your old glass jars, it makes a great (and cheap) gift!

So this is what's in the package:
1. Instructions
2. The decal
3. Example print of the text in the decal

And this is what you need when you start doing this:
1. Glass jar
2. Water
3 Sponge or paper towel
4. Decal

And here's how, all this takes only couple minutes!
(Just a note, that the decal is actually a really thin film between papers A and B, and the whole thing is just to remove both papers, A and B, and then melt the film tightly to glass by baking it):

1. Wet side "A" with wet sponge (or paper towel). Use quite a lot of water.

2. Remove the "A"side.

3. This is how the rest looks like now, a mirror image of the outcome:

 4. Dip the decal entirely to water
5. Place it to the glass jar
 6. Gently and slowly remove "B"-paper
7. Gently smooth the decal with your fingers to remove the excess water and bubbles. You can still slide it a bit and correct the placement if needed.

8. Bake the item in microwave for 3 minutes at high temp, or 5 muntes at low temp, or in an electric oven about 8 minutes 160-180 degrees. Please be careful with the glass when you take it out from the microwave - IT IS HOT!!!

Let it cool down, and if you want better gloss result and stronger decal, bake the item twice.

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Anonymous said...

These look great! Love the idea of up cycling