Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wreath, wreath and wreath

I made three wreaths last weekend - the first one was for my dear friends at Sabre Lou Products, Troy and Shane.  They make beautiful sentenced soy candles and waxes. This wreath was not actually Christmas themed, but it was a Christmas present for them. It was made using a styrofoam wreath-base, yarn, felt flowers (tried to copy the look they have in their logo) and their logo glued in the middle. I didn't take any picks while making it, but basically you just roll the yarn around the styrofoam base, glue the flowers (there's a tutorial HERE how to make them), print the picture and glue it to a slightly bigger cardboard and glue it to the backside of the wreath.
The second wreath was for my friend Paula, who invited us for a visit. This is made of Christmas ornaments glued to a cardboard base. I'll post the tutorial for this later today.

And while the glue gun was still hot, I decided to make one more wreath to our own door. Our color theme this year is blue and silver, and luckily our door is blue too. It fits perfectly!

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