Wednesday, 6 March 2013

DIY Easy Easter Wreath tutorial

Easter is approaching with full speed, so it's time to start doing some Easter crafts. Here's a simple and quick easter wreath tutorial. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to make one, and this will look adorable hanging on your window or door.

You will need:
- Cardboard for the base of the wreath. Any kind of cardboard will do, I used an old cerial box.
- Around 40 or 50 Coloured paper squares. I bought a pastel-coloured paper block from Officeworks.
- Sticky tape
- Couple circle cut outs to be attached to the middle of the wreath. I have couple different circle punches which I used, but you can just cut out couple different sized circles using a coffee cup as a template.
- Some string to hang the wreath. Mine is just  gift wrapping sting.

1. Cut out a circle from the cardboard . I used a dinner plate as my template.
2. Roll the paper scones and use sticky tape to secure them. Then arrange them to the cardboard base, and attach with sticky tape. With the first layer, leave some space between the  cones.

 3. Make the second layer.

4. And then the third, and last layer. Glue or stick the circles to the middle of the wreath using glue (if you have any) or sticky tape.


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