Monday, 15 April 2013

Felt dahlia tutorial

A year ago I learned how to make felt-dahlias. I decorated one of our old gray pillowcovers with them, to bring a bit more petrol-blue to our livingroom's colour scheme.

Today I got an idea to decorate the lids of my glass jars with them. It worked perfectly! So these are old glass jars,  I 've taken the labels off and painted the lid with white spary paint. Then when the flowers were ready, I glued them to the lid.
 So, here you are:

You'll need some felt and a hot glue gun.
First cut the petals. 12 bigger ones and 15 smaller ones. Just use "free hand" when you cut them, my bigger petals were 2,5 cm long and the smaller were about 2 cm long.
Cut a circle as a base (diameter about 6 cm), and a small circle to the centre. Cut a small "fringe" to the centre-piece (see the picture).

Glue all the lower parts of the petals together.

Start gluing the outer circle of petals to the base, the bigger petals. I always start my gluing the as you can see on the picture, to make sure I am placing the petals evenly.

Continue with the second, and then the third layer.

In the end, glue the center.

This project is a bit messy - there was a lot of glue on my fingers, but the outcome was really nice! Hope you had fun with this tutorial. !

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