Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mini kitchen update with zero budget

One corner of our kitchen was a total mess with several different overflowing jars, cans and canisters. With some old glass jars, cans, tags and spray paint I created a bit more harmonic set.

1. This is an old (Bodyshop) shampoo bottle. I peeled the labels off, and rolled some twine around it. Then I filled it with dishwashing liquid. It looks much better at the kitchen table than that original big, ugly bottle.
2. My daughter loves to collect shells. Nearly every time we go to the beach, she brings a small bag of shells to home. I decided, that from now on, I will put them to glass jar, and decorate it with a tag where they were collected and when. Those jars will be a great centerpiece one day.
3. We try to remember to take our vitamins every day. I've noticed that if the vitamin cans are somewhere you can see them all the time, it's easier to remember to take them. But the cans are a bit ugly, so I had to do something for that. I painted the lids with white spray paint and printed the tags - now they look nice enough so you don't have to hide them.
4. We have kept a lot of plastic bottles because  we use them as drinking bottles when we go hiking or to the beach. It's handy to have one jar for the caps, and always take and return the caps there. Otherwise you can never find one when you need it. This tin can is spray painted with the same white as I used to paint the lids.
5. Kitchen scissors are also always lost when you need them. So I made a glass jar just for them -  and glued (with really good quality craft glue) some glass stone decorations to it (glass stones from Bunnings).

All this took only 30 minutes (+ drying time for the paint and glue) to make, and everything I used I already had. Hope this will give some ideas for you too!

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