Friday, 5 April 2013

Wall Decoration

Easter is now over, and when I took the "easter down" from the walls, there was some empty spots . They were screaming some wall decorations. I also had some leftover-cardboard on hand, so this is what came out from that.

I didn't use any glue to make this, the rolls and decorations are attached to each other with a mini stapler.
First I sliced the cardboard to stripes, making sure they were about the same widith. The length does not matter.
Then I made a lot of different sizes of rolls/cyliners by stapling the ends of the stripes together.
Then I stapled all of them toghether and formed a big round circle. 


Then I decorated it a bit by twisting the paper around a pen and stapled them inside of the cylinders. In the end I also stapled couple of the twisted decorations outside the cylinders.
 It does look really nice. I used different shades of blue and gray cardboard.
This is almost mess-free project and I can recommend it also for kids, around 8 years and up.

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